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Powerful techniques that nourish bodymind

Ditch low energy, distration, and feeling over-whelmned
Discover consistent:

  • Focus, resilience and Transformation
  • Access abundant energy and Power
  • Undisturbed mind and Soverienty
Breathing Essence believes that everyone deserves to be in great mental and physical shape. We all have the potential to change our direction in life to fulfill our desires. With a change in feeling, thought, belief and sincerity the human mind can direct the body to achieve our Ideal. All great journeys begin with the first step, followed by another building momentum, so we are moving onward and upward.

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Life is for thriving and accomplishing amazing goals that will impact our lives, family, community and beyond, this is our legacy. Living an embodiment of balance is our natural state and is contagious for All. Having said this, I know we have all experienced times when obstacles have decreased our efficiency, productivity and with long enough time, our confidence. I humbly would like to share proven ways that can resolve life’s obstacles and increase harmony in your life.

What our learners say

Simple to understand!

This is for me a very valuable experience and I would recommend this training to other organizations.

Step up your game!

Your commitment, passion, and delivery were really amazing. We had a great start and the speed as well as intensity with which we rolled out globally over 3 years was unbelievable.

Concise and practical content

I learned a lot and now feel ready to implement these techniques into my organization. 

Very Professional!

It was an excellent training program, and I am very pleased. The instructors were very knowledgeable, and the content was relevant to our industry.

Simple to understand!

Armed with the knowledge and techniques obtained from your school, I feel more equipped to navigate the challenging social aspects of the real world and become a professional in my field of choice.

Excellent Training Program!

The presenters were amazing. They were engaging, timely, and knowledgeable

John Saba 

Joe is a great teacher and I have learned so much from his one on one lessons. I would recommend anyone who is wanting to improve in health, wealth and prosperity!

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#3 Rich interactive courses

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#4 Fully social learning

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Frequently asked questions

Will I be able to do the movements safely and effectively for my personal situation? 

Yes, I meet everyone where they are currently. I can modify and create custom programs to meet the needs and desires for all clients. I believe an effective and efficient program is one that truly matches to your goals.  

Do I need special equipment or apparel? 

No equipment is necessary. Loose fitting clothes, yoga or exercise apparel are ideal to allow movement so you feel comfortable and not  restricted. 

Will your programs help me move to the next level?

Yes! My desire is for everyone to live their ideal life Now. Once you have expressed your ideal life to me that is the only vision I will see for you. Whether you are looking to increase in energy, focus, strength, personal or professional I will mastermind with you to identify to create the program that will help you achieve your goals. 

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