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Joseph Beery

What first started as a way to generate enough energy to sustain my hectic schedule turned into a way of life. And now I want to humbly share what I have learned that has helped me transform physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Back in 2001, I was a single father in college, working and raising my young son. I remember on a good night the goal was to get him to sleep by 8, so I could study until 3. Then wake up at 6 to start the day again. There were times I had to pull all-nighters just to keep up with my studies. School and work were important but being a good father, caring for and spending time with my son was even more important to me. I had this schedule for years and after a while I was feeling burn out. I needed to find a way to be all three.

I started practicing Kung Fu again, but it was not giving me the energy that I was needing to sustain my demanding life, in fact it was making me feel more exhausted. I began to practice a form of qigong from Master Lam, Zhan Zhuang (Jan Jong) with sincerity and commitment. I began to cultivate energy (Qi ~ Chee) to a level that I was able to keep up with my demanding schedule and began to feel great. I was still getting 3 hours of sleep a night and was feeling energized for the busy days. Reading books, preparing dinner, playing at the playground and all the choirs. I was able to balance it all, work, school and being dad.

After many years of practicing, I began to really feel the health benefits and knew that it was time to grow to the next level of my journey. I believe when we are ready, opportunities will present themselves, and if we humble ourselves, we will be able to listen and see. The Great blessing came. I was able to train with an accomplished teacher of Medical Qigong, Kay Hutchinson, who was trained in three distinct Daoist lineages: Grand Master Ni 74th generation lineage bearer, Dr. Jerry Allen Johnson, Dr. Arnald Tayam, and Master Jeffery Yuen 88th generation Jade Purity school. I am deeply touched by the time, care and love in which I was taught. Kay is truly the embodiment of the Divine Feminine and I am eternally grateful for her modelling that continues to grow inside of me. Truth and great teachings continue to unfold like the eternal blooming flower never ceasing. I am a student of life and will always be. Every morning I pray for humility and sincerity so that I may be empty to learn more about myself and our shared world. Forgiveness, love and compassion is the eternal sword that I see today for my past, present and future. "We live to learn and learn to live" and with love and grace we find our true selves. There is no shame only reflected growth and refinement, for Now and the future. I would be honored to walk side by side on our collective journey. A vessel is as useful as it is empty not full and this is my wish for humanity.

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